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Doraine Poretz


Bombshelter Press, 1994 76pp

ISBN: 0-941017-37-0

The Author

Doraine Poretz
Doraine Poretz's poems have been published in numerous literary journals, including California State Quarterly, Poetry/LA, Electrum and Dreamworks. She has read her work on radio and at various cultural centers and colleges in Los Angeles and New York. Her two previously published books are Re:Visions and This Woman in America. She is a playwright as well as a poet; one of the plays was produced in Los Angeles in 1982. Her short story "Birthing" is included in the Doubleday publication, Erotic Interludes, edited by Lonnie Barbach, PhD. She lives in Los Angeles where she teaches English literature and creative writing.


Doraine Poretz writes of the essential mysteries—poems both alchemical and quicksilver. She prods psyches with a languid sensuality and inner knowledge.

Laurel Ann Bogan

In these poems, Doraine Poretz follows the blood trail through the world of things as they are to its source. It is a journey requiring of the poet a most elemental patience. Surely there is terror in such an undertaking, surely a kind of madness, grief and longing rooted in unreasonable love. But lived through and recorded with a poet's integrity, are these not also the body of the mysteries, and, ultimately, grace?

Peter Levitt