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lo/fidelity lovesongs

Chiwan Choi


Plastic Ink, 1999 90pp

Forty-seven poems by the Los Angeles writer.

The Author

Chiwan Choi
Chiwan Choi is Los Angeles, by way of Paraguay and Korea. He is a founding editor of Wednesday and author of several poetry collections. He has returned to Los Angeles after receiving his MFA in Dramatic Writing from the Tisch School at NYU. He and his wife Judeth Oden co-founded Writ Large Press in 2008.


Chiwan Choi uses sincerity to create headsplitting power, and combines a rather lilting lyricism with charnel house images to produce a singularly powerful effect. This transformation of autobiography into cosmological truth, or at least epistemoligical truth, is a singular example of poets' ability to transform their lives into art.

Ronald Pape, New Delta Review