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The Return of Sound

Zahava Sweet


Bombshelter Press, 2004 96pp

ISBN: 0-941017-13-3

This collection of poems is a reflection on Zahava Sweet's life. The themes in The Return of Sound are her experiences during World War II, family, nature, and dreams.

The Author

Zahava Sweet
Zahava Sweet was born in Poland and survived the Holocaust. After the war she lived in Israel and later emigrated to America. She has been writing since childhood. Her poetry was selected by the Boumbershoot Literary Festival for performance and publication. This collection of poems is a reflection on her life. She lives in Monrovia, California.


The poet heeds the voices of elemental things while also understanding the power of authorial restraint and silence. Out of tatters and fragments of memory, in poems spare and wraith--thin, with lines taut and urgent--Sweet recovers her "history of terror" and makes for herself, and her readers, a new coat out of song.

Jeanne Marie Beaumont

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