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Bad Boy Poems

James Heller Levinson


Bombshelter Press, 1993 80pp

ISBN: 0-941017-31-1

poems and prose.

The Author

James Heller Levinson
James Heller Levinson lives in Chatsworth, California, and was born in upstate New York. He has worked as a golf caddy, theater manager, martial arts instructor, book store clerk, dog trainer, poetry instructor, construction worker, jazz drummer, cowboy, and life coach; he currently makes a living as a textile salesman.


In The Wild One, Brando, when asked, "What are you rebelling against?" said "Whaddaya got?" Levinson's Bad Boy is a relentless examination of the rebel archetype. With concision, rhythm and vigor, Levinson breathes life into contemporary bewilderment. His roots are in Emerson and in comic book pop: he quests for both wisdom and for ultimate explosiveness of feeling.

Harry E. Northup

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