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Gnomes and the Xmas Kid

Michael Andrews


Bombshelter Press, 1986 60pp

collection of poetry, some previously published in The Ally Caat Readings, Blue Unicorn, Juice, The Margarine Maypole Ourangoutan Express, Pinchpenny, Saint Andrew's Review and Truly Fine Press.

The Author

Michael Andrews
is co-founder/publisher/editor with Jack Grapes of Bombshelter Press and ONTHEBUS, living, for the moment, in L.A. and getting by. He has published 7 books of poetry, and 3 fine print poetry/photography portfolios. He has traveled around the world twice, spent time in Vietnam and Iran, rode a motorcycle to Peru, ran the San Juan River and recently spent a month in the Peruvian Amazon. His leg was seriously damaged in a motorcycle accident in 1987. He is currently working on two novels, a book of speculative philosophy, and creating photographic and poetry montages as digital images. He works as a computer programmer/analyst. He worked as a civilian in Vietnam from 1969 through 1971.