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  • The finest looking new magazine I've seen in over a decade.

    Green Mountain Review

  • The best new literary journal currently published in America. ONTHEBUS has risen from the hard neon-lit streets of L.A. to incorporate the best poets and writers from around the world. Anyone interested in the best new American literature and translations should check out ONTHEBUS.

    Beat Scene (England)

  • ONTHEBUS is another great arrival at the busy California Poetry/Prose party that seems destined to overshadow the productions of its ancestors along the Atlantic seaboard. The book reviews are exceptional. The editor is open to various styles and seems to have no idealogical axe to grind. Subscribe early to ONTHEBUS; it's destined to be a major aftershock in American literary history.

    Small Press Magazine

  • The sheer unfettered and unpredictable range here is refreshing in an era of coeteries, categories, and other curtailments of art's free spirit. In this willingness to bend, test, even offend literary tastes, ONTHEBUS is riskier and more challenging to the reader than most reviews today.

    Los Angeles Times

  • This exciting journal seems a cross between The Paris Review and The New York Quarterly with a distinct West Coast flavor that puts it in a league of its own.

    Poet?s Market

  • An astonishing array of talented writers!

    Library Journal

  • On the cutting edge of literary innovation.

    Bloomsbury Review

  • The most ambitious literary magazine since Granta.

    Laughing Bear Newsletter

It was New Year's Eve and it seemed like a good idea at the time. A Los Angeles magazine that was eclectic, had no axe to grind and no secret password to get in. The good, the bad, and the ugly. An omnibus of poets and writers from Los Angeles, as well as from all over the world, including translations, interviews, book reviews, articles, art, and anything else that the editors could fit on the bus. Yes, you were either on the bus or off the bus. We've tried over the years to look past our own personal prejudices as poets and find the inclusiveness that Edwin Markham talked about when he said, "He drew a circle that shut me out ...; We drew a circle that took him in." Over 20 issues in over 20 years. Hundreds and hundreds of poets and writers, all of them onthebus, an omnibus of poetry and prose, ontheroad, onthemark, onthecuff, onthesly, onthetown, ontheway, ontheair, onthebeach, onthedouble, ontheedge, ontheloose, on-a-wing-&-a-prayer.
—Jack Grapes, co-founder of ONTHEBUS